Ugandan Birds: The Alethe Species


The Alethe (Alethe poliocephala) are medium-sized forest thrushes which are generally brown above and pale grey or white below. All sexes are alike and are chocolate-brown above with a grey stripe from the bill-base to the nape; the throat is white and the breast and flanks are greyish-brown.

These birds inhabit dense undergrowth, and on quiet trails at dawn and dusk or after rain. You will find Alethe birds in forest interiors from altitudes of 700-2800meters above sea level.


Characteristics of the Brown-Chested Alethe

  • The Brown-Chested Alethe is 15cm in height with a dark grey-brown head, dark chestnut-brown back and wings.
  • This bird also has a dull white stripe from the base of the bill to just behindant-swarms
  • You will be able to see this feature if you see the bird from the front view.
  • The under parts and the throat is white while the breast and the flanks are greyish-brown.
  • Alethe birds are shy forest thrushes and are usually solitary only limiting themselves to dense under growth.
  • They are all fond of following ant-swarms and sometimes small groups forage together.
  • You will be able to hear series of whistles which are sometimes harsh as the Alethe birds follow the ant-swarms