Scientific name; Lophocebus albigena The Grey-cheeked Mangabey is an Old World monkey with few distinguishing features and baboon-like mannerisms found in the forests of Central Africa. They range from Cameroon down to Gabon and across in western Uganda. How to identify a Grey-cheeked Mangabey The Grey-cheeked Mangabey is a dark monkey, looking in shape overall

Vervet monkeys use different sounds to warn of different types of predator. For instance, vervets have distinct calls to warn of the sighting of a leopard, a snake, or an eagle. Scientific name: Chlorocebus aethiops Young vervet monkeys appear to have an innate tendency to make these alarm calls, and adult monkeys seem to give

You’ll hear them before you see them; from somewhere deep in the forest, an excited hooting, just one voice at first, then several, rising in volume and tempo and pitch to a frenzied unified crescendo, before stopping abruptly or fading away. Jane Goodall called it the ‘pant-hoot’ call, kind of bonding ritual that allows any

Scientific Names: Olive baboon ; Papiocynocephalus anubis Yellow baboon ; Papio ynocephalus cynocephalus The baboon, of all the primates in East Africa, most frequently interacts with people. Apart from humans, baboons are the most adaptable of the ground-dwelling primates and live in a wide variety of habitats. Intelligent and crafty, they can be agricultural pests,