Grant’s gazelles are a closely related to Antelopes. They are herbivorous and inhabit plains of grasslands. They usually have large salivary glands, possibly an adaptation for secreting fluid to cope with a relatively dry diet in the dry grasslands they inhabit. Fact Sheet Common name: Grant’s Gazelle Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Genus: Gazella

Scientific name; Lophocebus albigena The Grey-cheeked Mangabey is an Old World monkey with few distinguishing features and baboon-like mannerisms found in the forests of Central Africa. They range from Cameroon down to Gabon and across in western Uganda. How to identify a Grey-cheeked Mangabey The Grey-cheeked Mangabey is a dark monkey, looking in shape overall

The crown hornbill (Tockus Alboterminatus) is a  slender dark woodland hornbill with a red bill and long black tail with white corners. The crowned Hornbills are of two races; the eastern and paler-backed Suahelicus and the western black-backed Geloensis. In their habitats you can find them either in pairs or family groups. With a very

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The Bateleur (Terathopius Ecaudatus) is the most striking large raptor in Uganda. Its a large jet black and grey short-tailed eagle with bare red face and beak.This bird is common in savanna reserves and game parks. It is often seen soaring with a tilting motion. The Bateleur derived its name from the tilting motion reminiscent

The name Hippopotamus comes from the Greek words ‘hippos’ meaning horse and ‘potamus’ meaning river. Though the hippo spends most of its day in the water, it is more closely related to the pig. Hippos like to be close to shores during day but at night they venture inland to graze and return at sunrise.

The Karamoja Apalis (Apalis karamojae) is a small fairly long tailed warbler which you will commonly find in pairs or small groups actively moving through the foliage as they search for food. The nominate race is found in Uganda. You can watch these while you visit the Kidepo National Park, and around Mt. Moroto. Characteristics of

How to Identify Abyssinian Ground Hornbills They are among the species of ground hornbills an endemic family of a typical pedestrian hornbills adapted to ground dwelling, and thats how they get their name. Abyssinian Ground Hornbills are Africa’s most engaging birds living in close knit co-operative family groups. Unlike the other types of hornbills these