Travel Insurance: Why you really need it?

Honey Moon

Traveling is fun but has risks attached to it. These risks include; baggage or property loss or damage, bodily injury or death. Travel Insurance is meant to help mitigate these risks when they do happen.

Probably the most important insurance cover for travelers is health insurance. Traveling and some tour activities sometimes have accidents. Sometimes you may fall ill while on safari. Health insurance may cover medical evacuations to hospital, treatment, postmortem, or flights back home. Medical evacuations because most of the tourist attractions are normally in remote areas far from urban centers. Air ambulances are the favorite choice because of the long distances, the poor roads and most game parks will have landing strips for small aircraft. If you find yourself unwell, it’s good to know that there is a plan to get you to hospital and get the proper attention without worrying about expenses.

Children and the elderly are known to have weak immune systems, a small change of environment is enough to bring about an infection or fever. Treatment for children often costs more than adults and risks drilling through your budget if they fall sick while on tour. We highly advise to take out a health policy for the kids and the seniors if you plan on traveling with them.


If your tour itinerary has tour activities that maybe termed as risky, you should take out health insurance. Such activities include; abseiling, zip lining, white water rafting, rock climbing, hot air balloon safaris among others. If the activity ends well you will have fond memories. In case of injury, you will be glad you had taken out the policy.

rafting on the river nile in jinja uganda

If you plan on carrying along valuable property or gear it’s a good idea to take out insurance for them. An example is filming equipment like cameras, drones and peripherals. These are normally delicate and easily spoilt. Being valuable means the items will be targeted in cases of theft. An ideal insurance cover would be comprehensive meaning that no matter what happens to the property, the insurance company will pay. However, the comprehensive insurance cover is sometimes pricey. If you cannot afford it, please take out a cover that best suits your destination(s) and needs.

If you plan on bringing your own car and having self-drive safaris, then you have to buy the local third party insurance of the country you plan on travelling in. Buying separate insurance policies when visiting different countries can be really expensive, try buying insurance from multinational insurance companies which operate in more than one country with you plan to visit. That way you will keep your car insurance costs at bay.

Recently, some insurance companies have started offering insurance on refunds. A client pays a small premium on top of the tour booking fee and if he/she cannot go for the trip for whatever reason he/she is refunded the whole amount paid by the insurance company. This is fast becoming popular with tour companies because it reduces refunds for tour companies as it’s the insurance company that pays. The client also gains because previously the tour company would only refund a portion of the money paid and in some cases no refunds at all. But with this arrangement, the client is guaranteed to get all their money back.


Insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense especially for budget travelers but it is important. It allows you to properly enjoy your tour.  In case of need for medical help, you will get to hospital in the shortest possible time, and get the best possible care. If you have refund insurance you will get back full amounts paid without losing a penny. We are eager to help you take out any needed insurance policies from our trusted insurance partners; please just contact us.