The crown hornbill (Tockus Alboterminatus) is a  slender dark woodland hornbill with a red bill and long black tail with white corners. The crowned Hornbills are of two races; the eastern and paler-backed Suahelicus and the western black-backed Geloensis. In their habitats you can find them either in pairs or family groups. With a very

The Bateleur (Terathopius Ecaudatus) is the most striking large raptor in Uganda. Its a large jet black and grey short-tailed eagle with bare red face and beak.This bird is common in savanna reserves and game parks. It is often seen soaring with a tilting motion. The Bateleur derived its name from the tilting motion reminiscent

The Karamoja Apalis (Apalis karamojae) is a small fairly long tailed warbler which you will commonly find in pairs or small groups actively moving through the foliage as they search for food. The nominate race is found in Uganda. You can watch these while you visit the Kidepo National Park, and around Mt. Moroto. Characteristics of

How to Identify Abyssinian Ground Hornbills They are among the species of ground hornbills an endemic family of a typical pedestrian hornbills adapted to ground dwelling, and thats how they get their name. Abyssinian Ground Hornbills are Africa’s most engaging birds living in close knit co-operative family groups. Unlike the other types of hornbills these

Where to find the African Grey Parrots in Uganda (Psittacus Erithacus) The African grey parrot is among the larger of forest and woodland parrots. You will mainly find this Uganda bird in forests and woodlands from 700-2300 meters. They can be found in Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo and Murchison Falls National Parks as well as areas

The Alethe (Alethe poliocephala) are medium-sized forest thrushes which are generally brown above and pale grey or white below. All sexes are alike and are chocolate-brown above with a grey stripe from the bill-base to the nape; the throat is white and the breast and flanks are greyish-brown. These birds inhabit dense undergrowth, and on

Guinea fowls(Numida Meleagris) are distinctive spotted game birds of forest and bush which are endemic to Africa though in some places in Uganda you can find them domesticated. In the local luganda language they are known as “Enkofu“. All guinea fowls are highly gregarious birds which like chasing each other and dust bathing. You would

You will find singles to gatherings of hundreds of these birds common and widespread in a range of habitats from city rubbish dumps, lake shores and also at predator kills. You will also see many nesting on trees within Kampala city especially near the Parliament, Sheraton Hotel, Serena Hotel and a the constitutional square. But

You will generally find this Blue Kingfisher  (Alcedo Quadribrachys) staying in mangroves, marshes and lakes. The best spot to watch this African bird in Uganda is at the Bigodi wetland sanctuary. The female Blue kingfisher bird lays 2-3 eggs in a tree-hole nest. And both the male and female can incubate.You will not be able to

The Black Headed Lapwing has a height of about 26cm and the nominate species is an attractive spike-crested lapwing with a white chin and fore crown and nape patches. If you look at the Black Headed Lapwing in the front view it shows a narrow black ‘tie’ from the throat to the breast. The bill