The Alethe (Alethe poliocephala) are medium-sized forest thrushes which are generally brown above and pale grey or white below. All sexes are alike and are chocolate-brown above with a grey stripe from the bill-base to the nape; the throat is white and the breast and flanks are greyish-brown. These birds inhabit dense undergrowth, and on

‘Umezute?’ this means ‘How are you?’ It is a greeting in Rufumbira, but the same as in the Rwandese language. Bafumbira are known as the Banyarwanda of Uganda. They are currently settled on the foothills Muhabura ranges in Kisoro district. This group of people is confusing; there is no definite description to their physical appearance.

Batwa also known as pygmies are found in districts of Kisoro, Kabale and Kanungu. They are believed to have migrated from forests of Democratic Republic of Congo in search of wild animals, hence settling in forest areas like Echuya forest in Kisoro and Kabale.  They live in houses made out of grass and sticks. This

Ichumbi is a word derived from the Local Rufumbira dialect to mean a cool comfortable home. True to its name, Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge is one of the best accommodation facilities at Rushaga, with a serene, relaxing atmosphere. It is a mid-range facility 10 minutes’ walk or five minutes’ drive from the Rushaga gate located in