Grant’s gazelles are a closely related to Antelopes. They are herbivorous and inhabit plains of grasslands. They usually have large salivary glands, possibly an adaptation for secreting fluid to cope with a relatively dry diet in the dry grasslands they inhabit. Fact Sheet Common name: Grant’s Gazelle Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Genus: Gazella

The name Hippopotamus comes from the Greek words ‘hippos’ meaning horse and ‘potamus’ meaning river. Though the hippo spends most of its day in the water, it is more closely related to the pig. Hippos like to be close to shores during day but at night they venture inland to graze and return at sunrise.

Rhinoceros is short for Rhino or Rhinos for plural.  The rhino’s name derives from the Dutch ‘weit’ meaning wide a reference to its wide square muzzle adapted for grazing. The black rhino decline drastically in 1970s and 1980s due to poaching. That’s why many were trans-located to fenced sanctuaries in the early 1990s. Fact Sheet

African Wild Cats are small, fierce cats that live in forests, grasslands, and brush lands in Africa and the Middle East. African Wild Cats are generally nocturnal in warm weather but are diurnal during very cold weather. They are excellent climbers. African Wild Cats have a life span of 12-15 years. They are about 50

The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal and the most unique and specialized member of the cat family. It can reach speeds of 70 mph. Unlike other cats, the cheetah has a leaner body, longer legs, and has been referred to as the “greyhound” of the cats. It is not an aggressive animal, using

The ears of bat-eared foxes can grow up to 5.3 inches long. For an animal that stands 11.8-15.7 inches at the shoulder and weighs 2.2-4.5kgs that’s enormous. Bat-eared foxes use these specialized ears to locate termites, dung beetles, and other insects, which make up most of their diet. Bat-eared foxes can hear larvae chewing their

It is also known as a marsh buck. It is a swamp-dwelling antelope. Sitatunga is a good swimmer hence its occupancy in swampy areas. Fact Sheet Common Name: Marsh Buck / Sitatunga Scientific name: Tragelaplus Spekeii Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Order: Arodactyla Class: Boxidae Mammalia Family: Boridae Sub family: Borinae Genus: Tragelaplus Species: Spekeii Where

Scientific name; Profelis aurata aka felis aurata The African golden cat is about twice the size of a large domestic cat and robustly built, weighing as much as 16 kg (26 lb). Its fur varies from marmalade orange-red to sepia-gray, and each color phase may be spotted all over, unspotted, or somewhere in between. The

Giraffe which was native to Africa, excited man’s curiosity that it was sometimes sent as a diplomatic gift to other countries one of the earliest records tells of a giraffe going from ‘Melinda’ (presumably Malindi) in Kenya to China in 1415. it was thought to be a cross between a Camel and a leopard, a

The African buffalo is or member of the ‘Big five’ group of animals with the elephant, rhino, lion and leopard. It is among the hunted animals it is a large animal and of the dangerous. They are unpredictable and are usually placid if left alone. Fact Sheet Common name: African Buffalo Scientific name: Synarus Caffer