Ugandan Birds: The Karamoja Apalis

Karamoja Apalis

The Karamoja Apalis (Apalis karamojae) is a small fairly long tailed warbler which you will commonly find in pairs or small groups actively moving through the foliage as they search for food.

The nominate race is found in Uganda. You can watch these while you visit the Kidepo National Park, and around Mt. Moroto.

Karamoja Apalis

Characteristics of the Karamoja Apalis

The Karamoja Apalis is around 11cm in height and it is ash-grey above with a short whitish super cilium, the inner secondaries have a whitish patch and the under parts are creamy-white. All sexes are alike

The Karamoja Apalis are fond of acacia woodland. You will find these birds in pairs and at times in groups of about six individuals.