Ugandan Birds: African Grey Parrot

african grey parrot

Where to find the African Grey Parrots in Uganda (Psittacus Erithacus)

The African grey parrot is among the larger of forest and woodland parrots. You will mainly find this Uganda bird in forests and woodlands from 700-2300 meters. They can be found in Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo and Murchison Falls National Parks as well as areas surrounding Lake Victoria.

Like the other types of parrots, African grey parrots have far-carrying calls which they make frequently during long flights over the forest canopy.

african grey parrot

Characteristics of the African Grey Parrot

The African grey parrot is a large broad-winged grey parrot with a height of 30-31cm and sexes are alike.

It has a short square- ended scarlet red tail which is difficult to see unless there is good light.

If you are at close range you will be able to see its creamy – yellow eyes, whitish sides of the face.

It also has scaly grey fringes from the head to the neck.

During flight the birds show a darker near black primaries but the red tail is characteristic!

In their habitats, you can find flocks of African grey parrots in any forested habitat but you might also see these birds in pairs or small groups.They gather at fruiting trees and often follow regular paths to roosting and feeding areas.

In flight or when perched up, the African grey parrot gives a variety of great loud squawking call and raucous notes and sometimes the sounds can be explosive!