Ugandan Birds: The Black Headed Lapwing

Lapwing blacked headed bird spotted in uganda

The Black Headed Lapwing has a height of about 26cm and the nominate species is an attractive spike-crested lapwing with a white chin and fore crown and nape patches.

If you look at the Black Headed Lapwing in the front view it shows a narrow black ‘tie’ from the throat to the breast.

The bill is red with a black tip and the legs are small and red in color. In their habitat, The Black Headed Lapwing is commonly found in semi arid and arid areas and bushed plains at an altitude of 1800m; in East Africa and in Uganda this bird is a resident in the northern part of the Murchison Falls.

On game drives you will be able to see them in pairs and small groups. These birds are easily approachable often standing in shade during the day and at times seen at night.