Ugandan Birds: The African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle on the Shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda

Where to find the African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer)

The African Fish Eagle is a large fish-eating raptor just like its name suggests with a white head, throat, breast and tail on chestnut shoulders.This bird is a resident on most lakes in Uganda and waterways but you will see it much easier in Mabamba wetland.

The Mabamba wetland is well known for other species of birds like the elusive shoebill, papyrus gonolek, swampy hen and herons. Therefore if you want to watch the African fish eagle Mabamba wetland can be a one stop site to watch the other interesting birds in Uganda.

Characteristics of The African Fish Eagle

The African fish eagle is 73cm in height and the adult female bird is slightly larger than the male although all sexes look alike.

Adult birds have a gleaming white head, throat, breast and tail, while the shoulders and under parts are chestnut; the back and the wings are black.

The juvenile birds are scruffy, largely dark brown with a dark cap and whitish face and variable line on the nape, throat and breast. The under wings have white patches. The African fish eagle attains full plumage in the fifth year.

In their habitats The African Fish Eagle is notable for its high attractive call wee weee…wuwuwu; one can call wi and the other immediately replies woo. These birds maintain a family bond/linkage and so you can find them in pairs and groups including the young.