Brovad Sands Lodge, Bugaala Island, Kalangala, Uganda

Brovad Sands Lodge Lounge Kalangala

Located on the island of Bugaala in Kalangala District, Brovad Sands Lodge is a mid range facility located on the shores of Lake Victoria. Located a few meters from the Entebbe ferry dock, it offers pick up to clients free of charge for those from the Entebbe Ferry while those from the Bukakata ferry have to pay a small fee for pickup. The facility has free Wi-Fi which is crucial given the bad network reception.


The accommodation is in form of cottages which are single or double occupancy. There is also a family deluxe which has at least two bed rooms, two baths, and a living room which is excellent for families or a travel group of more than two people. Camping facilities are not available.

The lodge is equipped with a kitchen which is open till mid night, a fully stocked bar, sauna and steam bath as well as a swimming pool.

The lodge itself offers a number of activities on the island such as boat trips to the virgin island, fishing, nature walks to the nearby forests, and tours of the palm plantations, solar plant, and palm oil factory. There is also a beach campfire every evening where guests can relax over a cup of tea or coffee listening to the waves of Lake Victoria.